Work. Play. Ablis. Repeat.

Ablis CBD infusions are formulated to fit seamlessly into your active lifestyle. So, kick back with a refreshing, THC-free CBD sparkling water, pack an extra MCT oil squeeze pack for the summit push, and always keep an on-the-go shot handy. Because no matter how you play, Ablis is here for it.

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Try the Ablis Sample Pack – Only $34.95!

All of the good stuff. None of the tough decisions. Our sampler pack comes with everything you need to Follow Your Ablis. Plus, when you add a sampler to your cart you’ll snag free shipping on all orders under $100. Each sampler contains:

  • 1 can of each of our Top 5 CBD Drinks, plus one more as a Mystery Flavor!
  • 3 of our 50mL Ablis CBD Shooters, One of each flavor!
  • 2 Samples of our Muscle Rub
  • 2 Samples of our MCT Oil

When you factor in shipping, this is normally a $57 value when purchased separately, but you can experience most of our products for only $34.95! It’s a risk-free way to find your new favorite flavor. And when we say risk-free, we mean it—you’ve got up to one year from your purchase date to decide if you’re totally satisfied with our products. If you’re not, we’ll refund you 100%, no questions asked.


Ablis CBD Drinks and Infusions

It all started with a dream.

Ablis was born when longtime triathlete and award-winning cocktail virtuoso Jim Bendis approached his son Max (an avid mountain biker and CBD evangelist) with an idea. What if anybody could get the benefits of CBD just by enjoying a craft beverage?

The rest, as they say, is history. Max created the first CBD infusions using the same high quality, all-natural ingredients we’ve built our reputation on. Today, customers all over the country use our CBD drinks and infusions, muscle rub, and tinctures to elevate their active lifestyles.

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Ablis CBD MCT oil


Our concentrates, oils, and muscle rubs all have one goal: to support your lifestyle. Our CBD is derived from hemp we source from trusted processing partners.

Ablis CBD Infusions, sparkling water


Our beverages are crafted by beverage industry experts, so taste never takes a backseat to the CBD. Whether you prefer the portability of a lemon ginger shooter or prefer to kickback in the sunshine with some friends and a 4-pack of strawberry mojitos, we formulate our CBD drinks to be refreshing and delicious.

Lifestyle / Testing

Transparency First

All our infusions undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet both ours and governmental standards. We send all of our products in for 3rd party testing to ensure they are free of THC, pesticides, and heavy metals. Learn more or get the specs using your batch number.